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 Guild Paddock!

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PostSubject: Guild Paddock!   Thu 9 Nov - 20:58

Finally, we're able to get a paddock for our guild Laughing (don't tell chester though because i contributed his 50kk gained from crackler dungeon ). Well anyway, the paddock is in Koalak Village (1.375mk original price) (check the location in the guild interface).

Misguided gives its warmest thanks to Budtoker, evilchildren, xx-gauntlet, and other people who doesn't want to be mentioned (erm... just post if you want to be mentioned!) who made the paddock acquiring a success! bounce
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Paddock!   Fri 10 Nov - 4:43


PS Can sleek have rights to access guild paddock XD
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Paddock!   Fri 10 Nov - 11:37

BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE. If you would, the people who have mounts would like to be able to use the paddock. all i ask is that you dont mess around with other peoples mounts unless you have aranged it. And if by chance the equipment get to 0 please let me know so i can change them out.

Again THANKS, this makes my job alot easier Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Guild Paddock!   

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Guild Paddock!
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