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 eratz the protestor

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PostSubject: eratz the protestor   Wed 13 Sep - 11:44

me and my sister shell, got some people from storm troopers, and fought THE eratz the protester mob, only me and shell died, also the lowest 2 levels there affraid i got unbewitched by edasse the sac.... then nomekop proceeded to hit me succesfully with rekop TWICE for the killing blow *also nomekop killed my sister)

EDIT: i lied, pictures up tonight, got bored waiting for healthy to fonish the trooll fight...

the picture abov e shows me and my sister shell waiting for the beginning parts of our party to arrive....

i took the above one after i died from the second rekop, my poor attempt at showing my speed, i was faster then synthos, lvl 91 eni of PAIN, and a lvl 100 cra, *str or int is not known as he wore a jellix lining and attacked with a bow.*

this shows -thor- either making fun of me, being a jackass, or something, can't tell bounce

and this one shows our rewards for winning this fight..... or rewards being.... absoloutley jack sqaut rabbit

i've hit 163. my next new weapon... a wand... will come in no fewer than 20 levels... blaaaaaah. i wish there would be a new int/agility set so i could work on it ;_;
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PostSubject: Re: eratz the protestor   Wed 13 Sep - 16:22

i spotted the same mob some while ago...
but some noob braks decided to attack the mob..and we have to wait for another 12 hours to respawn $%^&*

chester- lvl11X feca

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eratz the protestor
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