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 Support Osas

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PostSubject: Support Osas   Tue 11 Jul - 18:08

Now i tried this oece b4 but it deleted it self so i'm not goona put much wrok into this

lvl 1-10
like every starter, start at the tuturial as much as you can, or until your brains die of boredem. then when you free of the jail do quests for money and xp, endangered beer and bear in gobbies house are th main ones, then put everythign on vit and get a gob hammer. also max out tofus.

lvl 11-20
keep pumping vit and any summons. if you dont like gobs much lvlv up buff for your tofus and get an omolette ammy.and kill lvlv 12-15 gobs or boars. alos get a pandawa.

lvl 21-30
get some points to prespic and keep vit up, and get anythign that allows you to summon more stuff, look in wikia yourself.

lvl 31-40
you should get animalls blessing higher and anyhitgn that gives +summons, some hammers do.

lvl 41-50
get 2 satisfied summons rings +2 ap and 2 summons. treecapa +1 summons and keep looking for anythign that gives + 2 summons, some hammers should now. increase vit and any summons/buffs

more to come soon
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Support Osas
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