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 Act 6-Whos Your Daddy

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PostSubject: Act 6-Whos Your Daddy   Sat 22 Apr - 23:13

Author's Notes
Sry it took so long -.-
PS-Replacing Mac with Shieldsgalore since mac left.

Act 6

Whos Your Daddy

Chao's Story

Scene 1-Breakthrough

A month after Distance's heroic sacrifice.Chaos,having disobeyed a direct order to stay at his post,was going to be executed the following day.

"Joo down and out?"Says a mysterious voice.

"Shut the fuck up fool"

"I am not your enemy!"

"I said..SHUT UP"

"If you want revenge..my new master will give you that..."

Chaos,now intrigued.Looked up.

"Hmm,tell me more!"said Chaos.

"My name is Shieldsgalore,one of Vigetto's general..but you have to meet him yourself"

Shieldsgalore "unlocked"(Wrecking it with his Gob Hammer) the door.Chaos rushed to free his Ecaflip lieutenants.As the paltry force moved swiftly thorugh the dungeon...they were stopped by FTTW(Chester's right hand man" and his men.

As FTTW had a bigger and more powerful force.The duo found themselves cornered.

"Grasp my arm,ill teleport outta here"Shieldsgalore whispered.

FTTW thrust hios sword into Chaos but thankfully,they teleported out just in time.

"Kae...were lost."muttered Shieldsgalore.

Scene 2-w00tzor

After hours of fruitless searching,Chaos found Vigetto hauled away by Healthyfood..

"What is Healthyfood doing here?"Chaos asked patiently

"She has sword to capture Vigetto at all costs"

"Then we must rescue him!"

"Its only the 2 of us and they've got like 50 d00ds there!
Shieldsgalore commented.

"There is a band of renegade iops nearby,we can enlist their aid."

"You lead then!!"

As though the iops heard them,they got ambushed from all sides by the iops.

"Speak of the devil"muttered Chaos.

"WHO YOU?" Says the chief iop.

"They're dumb..."Whispered Shieldsgalore to Chaos.

"We need your help to destroy the Ecaflip outpost to the north.


Healthyfood's men did not anticipate an attack and were caught unaware.Their camp was decimated.All they had to do now was wait for Healthyfood's return....and kill him.

Shieldsglare's Story

Scene 1- Teh Summoning.

Due to the unexpected betrayal of the iops.Chaos and Shieldsgalore's plan backfired.They are now left with grevious wounds without a base camp.

"I got an idea"Chaos told Shieldsgalore.

"Oh fuck! Another one of your brilliant ideas?"

"How the fuck do you expect me to know they would betray us?!"

"Oh Shut up will you???"

Chaos grinded his teeth and said nothing.

"LOOK!"Shouted Shieldsgalore!

"It's Healthyfood's base!"

Lets get Vigetto out in one piece first!"

The two warriors stealthily sneaked into Healthyfood's camp and woke Vigetto up..

"Good job Shieldsgalore,i see you brought someone with you."

"Me name's Chaos!"

"Greetings,but we have no time for pleasantries."Vigetto said anxiously."As we speak,Healthyfood is trying to summon Soviet,The Bontarian demigod.

Just as Vigetto finished his sentence,the ground shook....

Scene 2-The Hunter of Light

"This aint so bad after all" says Vigetto

"Huh?" Says Shieldsgalore and Chaos.

"We can hone our skills against him!" Vigetto exclaimed.

"Yeh....."Replied Chaos hesitantly.

The trio ran out to meet Soviet in battle.At first,it seemed as though they were winning.But later on,the tables had turned on them.

"I recently perfected a skill against Bontas....lend me your strength guys"Shieldsgalore shouted out

As Soviet charged towards them,Vigetto and Chaos channeled their energies to Shieldsgalore.Soviet knocked Chaos back but Shieldsgalore,having absorbed tremendous energies,used Demon's wail!(An attack that absorbs light and changing it into darkness.)

Soviet,robbed of his powers,did not have enough resistance for the overwhelming darkness.He finally was brought down by Vigetto's sword.So ends the carnage of Soviet....
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PostSubject: Re: Act 6-Whos Your Daddy   Sun 23 Apr - 0:52

soviet is weak Very Happy in fact he nearly* lost to our percep+ defenders What a Face

chester- lvl11X feca

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PostSubject: Re: Act 6-Whos Your Daddy   Thu 24 Apr - 4:26

Sad So touching
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PostSubject: Re: Act 6-Whos Your Daddy   

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Act 6-Whos Your Daddy
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