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 The history of Misguided

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PostSubject: The history of Misguided   Fri 14 Apr - 18:16

Once upon a time there are 7 friends playing dofus Shocked their names are: -enirpisa-, chester-, -enutrof-, yunzhan, giantjawa, FMA and cryflydie. (they are all from the same skool Very Happy ) after playing for a month...the best player of all -enirpisa- had joined different kinda guilds and decided to make one himself Shocked

-enirpisa- first contact the guild pokemon...and offered his gob cape to exchange the guild. the evil leader of pokemon, presea decided to trick eni. presea took his gob cape and disappeared Evil or Very Mad ...eni was furious and decided to send me into pokemon as a spy. his plan is to get me the rank of officer and bann everyone in the guild Shocked however...most members of pokemon realized wat their leader had done...and decided to leave pokemon themselves Very Happy (i met healthfood in pokemon) some of us even made friends...and they gave us support in buying a guild.

eni immediately found a guy on amakna square selling a guild called misguided (lvl6 guild) for about 300kk. becoz we are still newbies at that stage...we are extremely poor and inexperienced Sad we spent days and days farming and baking...and finally we have enough cash to do it What a Face although me and eni payed almost all cost...we were delighted to start a guild ourselves What a Face i am not sure about the actual date of buying misguided...but this forum is built shortly afterwards by cryflydie...which is december 13th 2005 Razz there were a lot less guilds back then and so the guild grew rapidly wif a lot of ppl joining Cool

however...problems are coming as dofus decided to weaken enis. our leader, eni, noticed this at once and decided to become a str cra >_> then...i also noticed my lvl42 xelor is also kidna screwed Crying or Very sad so we both decided to change char..and became lazy on taking charge of the guild Crying or Very sad this is one big mistake we made...and a lot of great members left us...a highlight during this time is viggy joined our guild Very Happy he was lvl4X by then and saw us recruiting on amakna square...i love the poem he wrote to introduce himself I love you

Quote :
Im Lookin For a guild,
For my Eca-ish dude,
i may not be cute,
but i wont make u puke.

As The southern wind blows,
I slowly Grow,
The River always Flows,
But it never once glows.

Im lvl 40ish,
But i cant catch a fish,
My proffesions suck so bad,
it realli makes me sad.

If u wanna try me out,
Pm me in Game
Dont call me lame,
i am very tame.

The troopers are marching for war,
I dont like gore,
I should have told them before,
now its too late..Im marching for war.

On top of these,
i juz wanna say
i need a guild,
for my......ecaish dude

I forgot To mention,
I am an angel
If uve a guild from that faction,
i would finally see some action.

As f2ps...it is terribly tough to train a str cra for they are only power after u reach lvl31(punitive arrow) eni was an impatient person...and started to think dofus is boring Suspect he left us and started to play a gay game called Age of Empire elephant he threw all responsiblities on me and made me the leader when the guild was in a mess No however...that's how i met ompster Very Happy we were then both lvl38...and we challenged each other. his eni cannot harm me nor i can kill him wif his healings Rolling Eyes we became friends and found out we both became leaders of our guilds on the same day Shocked so we allied Cool

learning from our mistakes..i did a mass kick and only the most active ppl survived Twisted Evil the guild population dropped from 50 to 20... Neutral misguided started to go back on the right track and recovered from the dark ages What a Face a lot of my good friends joined during this time..such as striker...darkshen..and others Wink

then...there's a miracle when someone actually helped me to become p2p!! Laughing wif FMA quitting....he generously offered his account to me...so i decided to use his tree items and my money to help my other friends (yun, jawa, and enu) to become p2p also tongue

then vig decided to quit scratch he generously offered his account as prices for our guild...however he neva showed up since then Crying or Very sad there's quite a lot of quitting and rejoining during this period >_> enutrof decided to folo our old leader eni to play AOE jsut after i made him p2p...how nice....and FMA rejoined dofus becoz he finally realized his rockman game is kinda lame Shocked a lot of other new members joined too...like chaos and mac...they became important members of the guild now Very Happy

so...that's wat i remember about misguided Very Happy plz feel free to make comments or add stuff that i missed Neutral thanks

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The history of Misguided
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