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 Act V-The Awakening

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PostSubject: Act V-The Awakening   Fri 14 Apr - 12:19

Author's Notes
The competition is over....but ill still keep writing=]

Act V

The Awakening

GiantJawa's Story

Scene 1- Teh Great Escape

In one of the four islands of Pandawa island,Giantjawa,having been given a mission to seek out the legendary tactician,DistanceArcher,is searching everywhere on the island.Due to his foolishness,he accidentaly awoke a sleeping Royal Tofu.....He escaped,but his troops were killed.

Now,he is chased by Arepo ghosts...recently awakened by,yeh,you guessed it,Breadmaker.Giantjawa,losing all hope,decided to go all out with them....

Giantjawa,scarred and wounded,raised his hammer and prepared himself for the final attack on those ghosts.

Meanwhile....DistanceArcher,hearing the long forgotten clash of weapons,rushed to the scene.

Back at Giantjawa,a mysterious Cra came to his rescue..he never expected anyone to come to his aid,much less eleminating the whole horde of them......

"Thanks.."GiantJawa muttered.

"No biggie,Im DistanceArcher,you are?"

"Your Distance?"


"God,we need your help to retake Astrub."

"I cant refuse seeing that you came all the way here just for me? Can i?"DistanceArcher smirked.

"Nope,you cant!"Giantjawa retorted.

Scene 2- Ressurection

"Distance,what are we doing here?"

"Since Breadmaker has 70% control over the creatures of Dofus,we have to persuade the rest of them FAST"

"So...who are we meeting today?"

As though an answer to his question,a dozen Fungi masters surrounded them?

"What ails you,humans?"A Fungi Master,apparently the chief,said.

"Something grave..."DistanceArcher said.

"Out With it,we arent known for out patience"

"Would you join us in the fight against Brakmar?"

"No deal,you Bontarians have destroyed our habitat."

"Dont judge an entire alignment because of a handful of them..we rarely cut trees,let alone farm."

"What do you want?"

"your aid against Brakmar..."

"my allegiance is yours if you can pass this simple test"


"Fight me,i wish to test your skills."

"Yeh,im itching for a fight..."smiled DistanceArcher

The battle ensues,both sides are locked in a fierce combat...but Giantjawa knew that DistanceArcher wasnt using his full might.I mean,who wouldnt if u saw him butchering those Arepo ghosts...

a couple of hours later,DistanceArcher,feeling that they ought to be off,ende the battle with his signature move,Vorpal's Edge..(Controlling every particle of the air around the target and close in towards target,eventually crushing it to death.)

Fungi Master was mortally wounded,but DistanceArcher's healing prowess exceeded his damaging spells...With a new ally,the entire Fungi Master civilisation,led by GiantJawa and DistanceArcher..journeyed back to pandawan island.

DistanceArcher's Story

Scene 1-Coup

DistanceArcher,sent by Chester to release the survivors of the war,led a group of 30 Cras to Astrub.....


DistanceArcher vorpalled the entrance of the sewers,his heart racing.The party ran inside,freeing any hostages they see.......

With a newly regrouped force,DistanceArcher,mission fulfilled.....led his troops back to Pandawan island.

Scene 2-OmGwTfBbQ

DistanceArcher,having secured a large number of troopers....set out for his last and finaly objective.Though most of the treechknids were turned into Dark treechknids,there were four or five of them which still lingered.His purpose was to rescue them before they go extinct.

With his troops encamping in that area.DistanceArcher,with 5 other Fungi Masters...scoured the area for the treechknids.Unknown to him,his main camp was gonna get assaulted by The Ancestral Treechknid.....the only Treechknid having his own mind..and was bad to the bark.

Meanwhile..in the base camp.The Ancestral Treechknid shrugged off everything thrown at him.In a matter of minutes,the main camp was in ruins..........DistanceArcher sensed something was up and turned back...

"God No,it cant be"DistanceArcher murmured when he saw the Ancestral treechknid murdering his units.He rushed forward and struck him with his frost arrows.(A special arrow that slows down the enemy for a few minutes.Even his Vorpal Edge had no effect.With no choice,he started to chant the forbidden incantation,Desecrate(A spell that banishes an opponent to the other realm,but the caster will not be able to cast magic or lift up a toothpick for the rest of his life.

"ARGHH!"The Ancestral Treechknid groaned as he was sucked into the sphere....DistanceArcher,having lost his will to live,slit his throat with his dagger....

----------END OF ACT V--------
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PostSubject: Re: Act V-The Awakening   Fri 14 Apr - 16:06

it's good to see someone actually remember distance archer(enirpisa) Very Happy
i love the ending...gonna show it to him I love you

chester- lvl11X feca

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Act V-The Awakening
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