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 Act IV-Dissension

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PostSubject: Act IV-Dissension   Mon 10 Apr - 18:16

Author's Notes
8 altogether to be abletoput every1 in >_>.And Ompster,you died.

Act IV


FmFeca's story

Scene 1-Doberman

After a long trip to the treechknid forest....FmFeca ordered his Fecas to begin their mission,to provide Misguided with an endless supply of lumber...However,neither Silentio nor Fmfeca's men were experienced lumberjacks.Fmfeca grumbles and swears.

3 days later,FmFeca,being a bit temperamental...begins shouting at his Fecas..dissension was among them.

"General,our scouting party has discovered a band of sacriers upstream."

"So?"Fmfeca replied

"They ARE efficient lumberjacks,i have seen them farming and cutting trees.Obviously proffesion paranoids."


Silentio,being the calm one,told FmFeca that violence only instigates furthur violence.FmFeca grinded his teeth....

A couple of hours later,The band of warriors trudged in to the village.Silentio had to keep hold of FmFeca to prevent him from drawing his sword.

"Greetings strangers,do you wish to purchase any of out merchandise?"A sacrier exclaimed

"Yep,and you better hurry,im in a fucking bad mood"FmFeca replied angrily

"Forgive my friend....hes somewhat a barbarian..."

FmFeca shot Silentio an angry glance.

After making off with a supply of lumber,Silentio told FmFeca to transport the lumber back to Astrub,whereas Silentio gathers more commodities.

Scene 2-Blood is thicker than water

FmFeca,on board a ship bound for the zaap in astrub,was honing his skills with his sword.His men were getting restless due to the long voyage,many of them were seasick.

During FmFeca's training,the ship was hit by a cannonball and crashed upon a nearby island.....

FmFeca cursed and sweared so loud that his Fecas sniggered.All of a sudden,a strange melody rang in the air.FmFeca stopped swearing and listened.


That island,which was gonna be known later as "wabbit island" was inhibited by Breadmaker's goons.Aon-Non-Non and his bunch of Cras...Fmfeca was too busy swearing to have noticed one of their spies in the bushes nearby...

Soon after,while Fmfecas troops scattered to look for food.Aon-Non-Non struck...Every of FmFeca's contingents got overwhelmed.Aon-Non-Non eventually surrounded Fmfeca.Even FmFeca would have noticed this by now.

"Shit,Fuck.Lets give those bitches a taste of our blades."FmFeca shouted.

Due to FmFeca's carelessness,many of his men died.FmFeca's bravery equaled his negligence,he fought with such ferocity that his men were rallied.Sadly,FmFeca and his 50 Ecaflips perished...........

Aon-Non-Non,one of Breadmaker's best officers,was fatally wounded and died soon after the battle.....The blood of the Misguiders still linger at that spot.A tribute was given to honour them.....Chester built a statue of a wooden fox,with a log between its legs,to signify the childishness of FmFeca's Acts.......

Breadmaker's story

Scene 1-The Dark Treechknids.

Breadmaker,having just forced Silentio to retreat,set up an outpost in the Treechknid forest.She wants to enslave the treechknids of Amakna and revive the Dark treechknids.These treechknids,commanded by their leader,The Ancestral Treechknid,can summon arachnids to aid them in battle.Having nearly destroyed Bonta unaided by the Brakmarians..

The Treechknids in Amakna werent dumb,the guessed what was going on when Breadmaker encamped near their settlement.A force of 50 Treechknids advanced on Breadmaker.

"Once Dumb,Twice Stupid" Sniggered Breadmaker.

Breadmaker having set up a fire attack,completely destroyed the treechknids.The treechknids spreaded the flames from one Treechknid to the other.Forming a ring of fire.

Breadmaker extracted their souls and revived them.Completely souless....The dark treechknids was revived.Now only one thing remains,to find the ancestral treechknid and request him to do his old job...

Scene 2-The Second War

Breadmaker,having reunited Ancestral treechknid with his comrades,hastened in preparing for another assault on Astrub.....

Meanwhile,Silentio was warning Chester about the Dark treechknids.Chester immediately ordered his men to lead the people of astrub to pandawa island.Chester knew some were going to die,but he was going to make sure the rest dont.

3 days later,on the outskirts of Astrub,Breadmaker's Cras and her Dark treechknids positioned themselves for war.Breadmaker orderend a full scale assault.The remaining people who could not make it out in time,and those who gave their lives so others could escape were slain......

Among them was FullmetalEca.FmFeca's brother.......A memorial was held in Pandawa island in honour of those who died.Chester's hatred for Breadmaker went up another notch.

-----------End Of Act IV----------------

Next up




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PostSubject: Re: Act IV-Dissension   Mon 10 Apr - 19:37

love the statue part Very Happy

chester- lvl11X feca

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PostSubject: Re: Act IV-Dissension   Mon 10 Apr - 22:10

Laughing I LOVE this story ^^ keep writing!

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PostSubject: Re: Act IV-Dissension   

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Act IV-Dissension
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