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 Act II-The First War

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PostSubject: Act II-The First War   Sat 8 Apr - 20:40

PS-Every1 has a story and it aint gonna be a Harry Potter cuz of word limit in ma essay.PS- NOT using the names here....cuz of errr..some unique names u guys have.

Act II

The First War

Chester's Story

Scene 1-Memories

Down by the eastern borders of astrubs outpost,Chester mourns the loss of his ally,Breadmaker.Who pursued the art of darkness and enveloped herself in darkness.Thats a story bout an Enutrof(Miner) goin bad......Little did he know that an army of Cras(Archers) are marching towards him.

"Squawk!".Chester noticed a pigeon flying above him..more importantly,the note tied to its leg.He untied it hurriedly and read it.His face drained of its colour.

"Warchief,we have lost contact with the Alriental".An Ecaflip said

"Fuck this,DONT spread it around and let morale drop".Said Chester

Just then.....the noble pet tamer,Yunzhan demorped into his original form.

"Eavesdropping again?" Chester asked pompously.

"Heh,appears that you need some help!" Yunzhan replied.

Scene 2-Art of War

"Preparations for war are complete,Chief"

Chester grimaced.Their army was too few.Even with their newest alliance with Dynasty.They could not hold off Diatribe's ranged attackers.

"Let us fight fire with fire Cap'n" Newly promoted officer Strikerman says.

"Let us hope that they do not anticipate this"Chester replied.

Just then,the Iop beside them got hit by an arrow...Diatribe's arrow.Chester and his loyalists released several catapults,Diatribe did not even falter.

"FIRE!" Yelled Strikerman........

The tide of battle began to shift in their favour.Diatribe had not expected Cras in the enemy encampment.They began to scatter in all four directions.Strikerman's plan was working bigtime.Still,one threat remained....

Silentio,busy trying to escape,had not realised that a group of Bwaks were rushing toward him at full pelt.When he realised it,it was too late........The beak of the bwaks broke through Silentio's armor and mortally injured him.Breadmaker,inside Silentios body,hastily escaped and left him to die.......

Meanwhile,Alchemist FullmetalFeca is preparing a special herb for Silentio.....

Vigetto's Story

Scene 1-Negotiations

Vigetto,the ex-warlord of misguided,is meditating in his cell.He was sentenced to life imprisonment due to his previous betrayal,when he sold his guild mate,ZhangHe to Ashara,Demon Witch.

"Clank""Clank" The Steel doors of his cell opened for the first time in 50 years.

"What is this Chester,Somebody killed your perceptor again?"Sniggered Vigetto.

"Shut up,I have a proposition for you."

"What?Kill some noobies threatening your perc?"

"As you know,Breadmaker has turned to necromancy....and is planning a full scale attack on us.Silentio is still recovering and we need all the help we can get. Ill Pr-"

"Heh,lemme guess Ull promise to let me go.I want more than that.......I want GOLD.

Chester grinded his teeth

"1 million Kamas,Take it or leave it!" Chester shouted out

"Ya got a deal ,Sire"

Scene 2- Big Bang

In Vigetto's encampment......

"What the fuck is that power......" Vigetto exclaims.

"It may be due to the Fountain of Carnation.An unholy fountain containing the essence of all evil" Answers his Captain, Kail."

"We will seize it then,I NEED THAT POWER"

"Understood Chief"

Vigetto and his forces marched down upon the well,astonished to discover Breadmaker preparing to drink from it.Vigetto immediatelt ordered an attack and flanked an unsuspecting Breadmaker.Breadmaker's men put up a fierce fight.But even Breadmaker knew he was going to lose.He teleported out of there at once.

Vigetto,oblivious to the corpses of his allies...proceeded to the well.He Started to drink from it but Kail stops him.

"Sir,it will turn you into a demon....Misguided will lock you up again"

"It wont happen again,either your with me,or your not" Replied Vigetto,and drunk from the fountain.Not a mere drop;et was left.

Vigetto started growing wings on his back and horns on his forehead.Most importantly,he could feel power surging though his veins.Even more than he expected.His red and fiery eyes made even his allies shudder.

Meanwhile,back at Dynasty's base.Chester,warning Killermouse about Breadmaker's assault,heard an unholy roar.....

----------------End of Act 2--------------

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Might have missed some peeps.Refresh my memory xD
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PostSubject: Re: Act II-The First War   Mon 10 Apr - 7:23

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PostSubject: Re: Act II-The First War   Mon 10 Apr - 16:36

too bad breadmaker doesnt check our forum Crying or Very sad

chester- lvl11X feca

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PostSubject: Re: Act II-The First War   

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Act II-The First War
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