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PostSubject: IOP DYNAMITE   Sat 8 Apr - 19:09


Experience the Power

Guy: hey Iop what did u do last summer
Iop: i told you i went to Bramka hunting down A Dragon
Guy: really did u kill Him
Iop: yea, he killed my girl friend, what would u do in a stituation like that.
Guy: What did u use?
Iop: a Freakin God sword what did u think?!

Experience The Arguements

Master: dont mock my skills iop u know ui'm about to become a god
Iop: since when Soviet, u have the worst skills of all time!
Master: Bring it on
Iop: what?
Master: i said try to strike me down.
Iop: this is retarted
* the both studder*
* Ecaflip spell sound*
Hey u Powerful people come here
I'll get it
*then smacks Soviet in the face*

Experience the intrege

*iop is stading like a retard doing nothing*
*then a guy runs up to him and bashes him then runs off*
Iop: your so retarded * kickes the air*

Iop: yea iops have lots of skills
Pressure skills
Vitalty Skills
Power sword skills
Strength skills
Wrath Skills
You know SKILLS!... Gosh...

Iop Dynamite coming to a cinema near u
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