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PostSubject: ULTIMATE!   Sat 8 Apr - 18:57

The Tale of the horny devil

Once upon a time there was a man named Fedrick Devil. This man was a happy man he had a wife and no kids.

*Warning the next pack of this story might be affenseive to younger players*

And one day he said to his wife... Lets never had children they are so annoying

your write, then they made love *without safty*

*NOW entering POV mode*

in Uterus

Blue one to Green two its time, as the sperms flew down to a giant egg. Red 5 ready to atk,... wait whats that arrrrrrr! *BOOM*
what happened RED 5, RED 5?!?!
Oh no its...... SPERMICIDE!
Okay men get ready for the mucus feild * beep* now activating potien shield *end Beep* Okay Blue 5 leader go into battle postions 7. Oh no i'm hit *Crash Boom* Stay with me Green 5. Cant hold them for long , aaaaaaaa! *BOOM* OKay it now or never * JUmps inot the egg*

cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers

5 years later

Daddy why is your name devil?
Its just is
Hmmmmm, devils have horns, Yay HOrny devil!

Dad: GAsp
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PostSubject: Re: ULTIMATE!   Mon 10 Apr - 16:23

Shocked u r creative Very Happy

chester- lvl11X feca

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