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PostSubject: NEWBIES Hello   Sat 1 Apr - 14:16

Hi, i'm Darkshen, i've been in this guild for like what 2 months (i think) and have recruited about 5 ppl but, most of them left cheers yes, there is a guide section (if u didnt already know) for all the newbies to learnt about the world of dofus the lazy way. Read my sections on iops, super iops and newbs vs noobs ( very interesting) i have alos got a perfect story in accouncemnts called the stroy of a life time ( also very interseting)


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PostSubject: Re: NEWBIES Hello   Sat 1 Apr - 17:01


It's yannickfma here! I'm one of the first people to join, (Dec 13th, 2005, the date when this forum was made) and also the first people to join guild misguided. (I guess I dun have to explain how we got the guild after FTTW's history) I really miss the days when we joined the guild and had fun and organizing stuff, we learnt alot too. Very Happy Anyways, please enjoy yourselfs everyone!
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PostSubject: Re: NEWBIES Hello   Sat 1 Apr - 23:16

hey im giantjawa Very Happy

im also one of the first to join this guild. i started playing dofus at...forgot when , so long ago. i have always lvled slow because i boost the wrong stats since i was a newbie, and i trained with a group on boars whn im lvl 1x, that gives ab out 100-200xp per fight Laughing Rolling Eyes . the greatest and most remembered moment is when all of us (chester-, FMA, Yunzhan, Eni, CryFlyDie, me, and other guys) ganged on craques, but we forgot to let some1 join, so we all died. i miss the old times when we were newbs Sad

ps: i wasted more than 50 char points on useless stats Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: NEWBIES Hello   Sun 2 Apr - 0:41

Morning all ^^ I'm Yunzhan, guild Pet-Sitter, and the "afk" dude here.

Like giantjawa and FMfeca *points to above messages*, I was one of the ones first to join Misguided and play Dofus. I remember the good times when all 3 of us (FMfeca's Xelor, giantjawa and my first "Yunzhan") would go running around the forest, killign random things, being aggro'd by fat ladies.

But anyways, I'm still happy to have a guild as great as this, and I hope that you enjoy staying at our guild and being one of our eternally cherished members ^^ (aww man...that sounded werid coming from my mouth...XD)

From learning not to run around haphazardly in the forest, to remembering to join a craq battle (yes jawa...I admit it...it was me that had forogtten to join, not the other way around) and to always remember to feed your pets *ruffles random pet*, and to remember to finish all my homework on time *thanks FM for reminding me XD* I've come a long way from where I've started.

If you have any trouble *especially on pets*, feel free to ask me ^^ I'll always *try* to be there to help ^^ *man..that was long...*

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PostSubject: Re: NEWBIES Hello   Sun 2 Apr - 23:11

Hullo All....

*acts stupid* me is a cra in misguided. name is strikermanXX. *yunzhan uses gob hammer to knock StrikermanXX* ?? strange why do i have this big bump on my head anyway i m a practical joker clown and......me like to type (yeah i take 1hr to type 100 min xD jk) lol! and.....me like to make stories and yeah...nothign else i m a plain ol cra..

*suddenly sees a tree beside him* AHA! i know who hit me wiht her gob hammer... passes turn *yunzhan appears he says oh i m ded* Strikerman hits critical hit*170* er...i use my osa summon a tofu critical hit *107* o.O yunzhan is ded game ended...o.O \

Yeh end of joking...yeh...hope u know more bout me now and join misguided today....oh yah u misguided yet? lol! *snickers evil laugh*
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PostSubject: Re: NEWBIES Hello   

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