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Registration date : 2006-10-07

PostSubject: VERY IMPORTANT   Mon 19 Mar - 4:21

all member in misguided that are going to horizon need to say to, and all members who are unactive within in the week are getting kicked....
sorry but im trying to figure out where misguided stands, so i can work on getting new members and starting again with it
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Number of posts : 60
Registration date : 2006-08-31

PostSubject: Re: VERY IMPORTANT   Mon 19 Mar - 15:51

That's in the exception of chester- of course Very Happy

But anyhow, if you're wondering should you join horizon, you should! they have alot of members, and way more active now with our misguided members joining too Very Happy

Also, their percs don't get killed that easily and get great drops Smile
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Age : 26
Localisation : a city with people, stuff, and more stuff
Registration date : 2006-06-13

PostSubject: Re: VERY IMPORTANT   Wed 21 Mar - 9:15

yeah i only got one week of p2p left and not to mention got addicted to a fps so yeah duno if i'll ever be on again :/ but i'll see if i can fit soem times in to pop in and say hi till my parents sub me if they ever do so just had to say good bye and thanks for the laughs and fun
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Number of posts : 21
Age : 28
Localisation : at home
Registration date : 2006-04-19

PostSubject: Re: VERY IMPORTANT   Thu 22 Mar - 16:45

... thats not good =( .. hopefully your parents feel like being nice to u and make u p2p soon again cat
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Localisation : lost
Registration date : 2005-12-13

PostSubject: Re: VERY IMPORTANT   Thu 22 Mar - 17:05

....good luck phew

chester- lvl11X feca

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PostSubject: Re: VERY IMPORTANT   

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