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 Tailoring help needed

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PostSubject: Tailoring help needed   Sun 21 Jan - 12:24

well, as most of you know, i am a tailor, abelit a really slow leveling tailor, i am now lvl 18, as were i was 15 earlier today.

to power level tailoring, evil is gathering me lots of flax strings.

the following recipes are fairly easy to do

small gobball bag:
10 white gob wool
10 black gob wool

wooden wings:
10 flax string
4 ash planks

10 black gob leather
5 regular gob wool
10 flax string

the helmet will give me the most experience in terms of making it, so i would prefer to do that one. but with evil and guantlet being lumberjack, the wings are pretty easy, and while hunitng mats for the helmet, i should get the mats for small gobball wool bags :3

future recipes i am looking at doing, besides more helments are:

Adventurer Bag :
1 Wind Kwak Feather
1 Boar hair
1 Earth Kwak Feather
1 Wabbit Grandpa beard hairs

10 Boar hair
10 Flax String
10 Mouse's Hairs
1 Crystaloboule Stone

Jouik Krampe
10 Black Tiwabbit Hairs
10 Black Gobbly Wool
1 Dark Bag of Spuds
1 Flax String

any help is appreciated very much.

i've hit 163. my next new weapon... a wand... will come in no fewer than 20 levels... blaaaaaah. i wish there would be a new int/agility set so i could work on it ;_;
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PostSubject: Re: Tailoring help needed   Mon 22 Jan - 2:25

i guess you can have the wool i have been stockpiling
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Tailoring help needed
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