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 Buds' Guide to all things Enu

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PostSubject: Buds' Guide to all things Enu   Sat 6 Jan - 15:33

If I was to remake bud over again (and i might make another enu soon) this is how I would do it.

Please note for this build you WILL NEED 8AP to be fully effective.

With 8AP from Lvl 60 you will be able to hammer twice upclose, SoJ twice in medium range or Coins 4 times from long range.


Strength: While STR build is possible with enu I would not boost this.

Vitality: Scroll to 25 or more if possible. You will get plenty of + vit from equips. Only start putting in to vit once you have chance fully maxed

Wisdom: Scroll to 25 as soon and continue scrolling but dont put points

Chance: Scroll as much as you can. Since your first chance spell doesnt come to lvl 26 save your points and scroll scroll scroll. Small scrolls of chance are pretty cheap and easy to get mats for so minimum 25 scrolled then put your points in. Continue to put points in chance up until 230. From there it is 4 points for 1 chance so its kinda expensive after that. You can either keep on upping chance or then start putting it on vit.

Agility: Scroll, as good for dodge rolls and + crit .

Intel: Scroll for the extra init and extra damage on Ghostly Shovel but do this only if you are mega rich (which you should be cause your an enu!) cause you mainly use Ghostly to unbewitch XD

Spells You should boost and at when:

Fortune: Lvl 5 at Lvl 11 - Boosts Chance your main stat, enuf said

Coins: Lvl 5 at Lvl 26 - I love this spell and so will you. 2AP and 12 range (boostable)

Hammer Skill Lvl 5 @ Lvl 31 Hammers make up for the lack of AOE enus have. While Enus do get bonus for shovels there are no good shovels early on. Wait till you 100 + then get shovel skill

Acceleration Lvl 5 @ 54 2-3 MP for 3 turns, makes up for -MP you will have from Re'thu

Shovel of Judgement Lvl 5 @ Lvl 60 4AP, on a crit will take 3MP from your opponent. has 6 range and is boostable. Your main attack once you hit Lvl 60 and even with 6AP you can do SoJ and Coins each turn

Ghostly Shovel Lvl 5 @ Lvl 61 On a crit hit will unbewitch great for fighting fecas and removing buffs from sacs.

Pandora Box Lvl 5 @ Lvl 71 + 8 crit hits or heals 1 - 16. At lvl 5 can be cast on allies (crit cras will love you). Good for supporting SoJ and Ghostly

Reducing Key Lvl 5 @ Lvl 81 Reduces range of your opponent by 5 for 5 turns. Great against Cras and Sadi (mainly used for PvP)

Living Chest: Lvl 5 @ Lvl 100 Yay! You got lvl 100 and now you will be the envy of overyone with your portable PP machine

You should still have 10 points to put Lvl 6 Fortune and Lvl 6 Hammer skill @ lvl 101!

Spells to consider

Enu Spells

Rocks Den: handy and more so in PVP

Living Shovel: Good LOS blocker with high HP, the chance boost is
minimal and takes many turns to actually take affect


Release. Great for getting away

Cawwot. LOS blocker and heals


Chafer just cause it can sometimes be handy to distract other monsters but DONT lvl (but you already knew that)

Spells Never to boost!

Living Bag - I hardly use it and only when im almost dead anywayz.

Unsummoning: Kills summons, but so do other spells XD

Prime of life: Developers were on something when they made this spell and if you boost it then you must be too!

Slaughtering Shovel, High Potential Damage but the high AP cost and unreliability make it a poor choice to put points into. I regret boosting it

Bribery, bugged spell and cost 7ap, please....

Indifferent about:

Greed nice boost for str and intel charries but also boosts all players on the map. You can use it then unbewitch your opponents but its a bit risky.

Clumisness : Good for removing MP but most high lvl monsters have high MP resist

Mass clumsiness: See above but replace MP with AP


Ice Bwak pure chance

Nomoon (or Baby Crow) for PP



Lvl 1 - 9 Advance Set with whateva other ring u fancy

Lvl 10 -15 Advance Set with Bouz Le Clerc Ring

Lvl 16-25 Robber Set (no daggers) Moskito set

Lvl 26-37 Robber Set with Moskito Set (minus the ammy) and Some good Gob Boots

Lvl 38 Robber and Prespic sets with Gob Boots Replace the gob boots with Crackler boots when at a suitable lvl

Lvl 46-60 Blue Scara for battles (make sure you get a good + crit ring) Crackler boots with nice reduction and a plus 5 damage ringtree

After lvl 60 hunt around as you can start to make custom sets with things like Sapphire Dreggo linings, bits of the Akwadala set and other equips.
Lvl 83 get gogorified miners rings and at lvl 93 black dreggo lining.

Not much advice really cause it all depends on your resources (ie how much money you got) and what your after.

Also consider getting a PP set for hunts XD


If you have charrie who is a hunter get them to go hunting and bring back enough meat for youre enu to become a lvl 30 hunter and then get a hunting shovel which can be equipped from lvl 1

Note Sleek is a hunter and I may be able to supply meat for a price lol

If not anything that helps boost your life chance or wisdom.

Once you get a few lvls under your belt suggested weapons are:

Lvl 15 Holic Bow 5-14 Water 6 Range and 5AP cost

Lvl 20 Ergot mina Daggers Steal 6-8 chance so they damage your opponent and heal u!

Lvl 29 110 Spear 8-12 Water damage and 2-5 physical reduction, can be handy

Lvl 30 Ykulf Bow 1-30 Water damage

Lvl 43 Akwadala Set 5-13 Damage plus chance plus crit hits plus damages

Lvl 55 Re'thu Hammer! 16-30 Damage for 4 AP! You can use this up to Lvl 100 and beyond

Where to Lvl:

Lvls 1-6

Train on the Weak Arachnee, it is mind numming but worth it

Lvls 7-15

Use as many XP scrolls and do as many quests as you can. Other then that Leech or just group with Astrub F2P.

Lvls 16-25

Using the set specified above with the Holic Bow, you can go to porkass plains, and fight single shephards that are close to your level. You should be doing 30-50 dmg XD and due to robber set pieves have over 100 HP (advice taken from SgtPeppers guide on Imps)

Lvls 26-38

You can move on to Pig Knights or take on some small Darksmiths/Miner mobs ( and i mean small!) and pepper them with coins. Use ergot minas if they get too close

Lvls 38-54

Piglets, Pig Knights or Smiths/Miners

Lvl 55-59

Equip Rethu and marvel at the damage you now command! Red scaras will melt like butter to youre weapon and Smiths will run in fear!

Lvl 60+
Damn your sexy now!headbanger Cania Plains will tremble with fear as you go and murder innocent blops

After this I leave it up to you so go enjoy and Happy Hunting Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Buds' Guide to all things Enu   Mon 8 Jan - 9:56

lol..useless ur lk some maniac..avoid dark miners..they're mofos beyong belief
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PostSubject: Re: Buds' Guide to all things Enu   Mon 8 Jan - 18:04

Enus pwn Darkminers

All you need to do is find a map where you start far away (and there are plenty down near sufokia way) and hit with coins. They'll die before they get half way to you geek
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PostSubject: Re: Buds' Guide to all things Enu   

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Buds' Guide to all things Enu
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